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Lightwork Class

Lightwork Class

The Lightwork Class is designed to expose my students and clients to as much metaphysical knowledge as possible. Each individual will have more options from which to choose and more teachers and subjects from which to study. I expose my students to Native American teachings, Self-Empowerment, Course in Miracles, Tarot, Reiki, Gemstones and other healing modalities. My intent is to assist each soul on the planet to begin to live their most enlightened life and thereby assist the planet as a whole.

There are four levels. Each level contains 12 to 14 light rays. This is not a journey to take hurriedly. Each TWO HOUR weekly lesson begins with a white light healing meditation followed by a reading for the specific colored ray for that week. Each reading works with specific behavior patterns and genetic coding so that you begin to release behavior patterns which no longer serve you and may be hindering achievement of goals. The work is done on a subconscious level, however, the effects take place on both subconscious and conscious levels.


Level I-Begin to clear physical blocks, learn chakras and energy fields

Level II-You begin to recognize behavior patterns which no longer serve you

Level III-You are becoming more in tune to your own energy and the energies of those around you. You learn how to better communicate and to connect with higher self

Level IV-You are beginning to recognize and break down genetic patterns which are holding you back and beginning to manifest your goals and learning about sacred contracts.

The first class is free

Cost: $15.00 if skyped on class night or appearance in person

If taken individually at a mutually agreed upon time, either by phone or skype:
$375.00 each level