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Tarot Class

Tarot Class

Many psychics utilize the Tarot cards to conduct psychic readings. I prefer the phrase, Intuitive Advisor. The Universal Waite Tarot card (the deck I use) consists of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 minor cards. The student will learn to read the Major Arcana cards on the everyday level, the subconscious level and the spiritual level.

The student will not just be a reader, but will also be able to advise the client, much like a life coach. The student will also learn how to guide the client as to what steps the client may wish to take in order to change the outcome or to more readily assist the client in achieving the client's goal.

The student will open up and develop their intuitive powers, which everyone has. It is a class that will take the student from the beginning level to the advanced level. Layouts will be learned. How to set up one's business, designing one's business cards and marketing strategies will also be discussed.

This is a fun class that is designed specifically for the student's participation. Some classes have been completed within three months and other classes have taken up to a year to complete, depending on the breaks the class wishes to take and how much time the students study outside of class.

A student will learn to assign their own meanings to the cards and to interpret the cards on their own level. A highly working knowledge of giving a reading is taught as well as advising and life-coaching techniques for various situations.

Cost: $20.00 a class and can be done via telephone and/or skype