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Kabbalah or Tree of Life Class

Kabbalah or Tree of Life Class

It is said that the first Kabbalist was Abraham who wrote THE BOOK OF FORMATION. In Christian teachings, he is recognized as the Father of Religion. Moses is also said to have been a teacher of the Kabbalah. One of the first teachings of Kabbalah is: do not believe anything you read or are told unless you have experienced for yourself and know it to be true for you.

Each Sefirot has information regarding how the world was created. For instance, the second Sefirot is Wisdom and we will discuss the aspects and symbol of Wisdom. You will be given guided meditations for each each Sefirot and you will have the opportunity to discover how each Sefirot relates to you personally. This class is a good basic class to introduce Kabbalah. It is mental and meditational. You will be able to apply the principals and teachings in your daily life. Both the practical principals and the esoteric meaning of each Sefirot will be covered.

There will be printed material but you may want to bring paper and pen to take extra notes.

Price $15.00 per class

This class may be done via telephone and/or skype as well as in person