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Consciousness Relationship Technique

The specific technique has been created by Diana Moore to teach individuals and/or couples how to effectuate their own healing without the lengthy duration and cost of therapy. It usually takes only two to three visits for this technique to be mastered and Ms. Moore is available for counseling sessions as needed.

Diana Moore believes that everything we have ever heard, seen, tasted, smelled or touched is stored within our subconscious. These memories, even though we are no longer consciously aware of them, causes us to have thoughts, which create emotions within us, whether negative or positive, which create our action or reaction to certain stimuli, incidents or comments made. This subconscious programming can affect our behavior patterns and our personality traits. By understanding the basic subconscious programming, through specific techniques, the programming can be released and/or changed. There is no blame or guilt. By uncovering and changing unwanted programming, we can begin to change behavior patterns, heal ourselves and better our relationships.

One Hour - $100.00