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Reiki Treatment/Session

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy and has its origin in ancient Tibet. Reiki energy comes from the Creator and is an extremely powerful form of healing.

It does not interfere with medical treatment, but facilitates benefits. Reiki speeds the healing process and provides a source of restoring energy. It is a pure energy form and when combined with a sincere intent of the practitioner and client, miracles can occur. Reiki works on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. The work is done through hand movements by either a Reiki Master or person certified as a Reiki II Practitioner. What sets me apart from most other Reiki Masters on Long Island is my background and training, which many Reiki Master Teachers do not have.

Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the United States. I received my Reiki II and Reiki Mastership training from David Jarrell who studied directly under Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Hawayo Takata's granddaughter.

A one-hour treatment is $100.00 and is performed while you lay comfortably on a massage table.