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Life Directional Coaching

I believe life is like taking a car trip. You know your destination, but along the way detours may happen. Accidents may happen. You may change your destination. You have to decide where to eat and what to eat. I do not believe a person does wrong; they just make wrong turns or lose sight of where they want to go in life. And where there is stress, people can lose hope and/or faith, become co-dependent and/or have health issues. Sometimes in your journey, events can happen to make you lose sight of your goals and dreams. Decisions can become harder to make.

What makes me stand out is that I have more than one modality to assist you and I am also an intuitive/psychic.  Many times, my clients utilize me to get an insight into an upcoming business appointment and the personality of the person or persons they will be dealing with. This is especially useful when dating.

For me, the main keys to coaching are:

  • Making sure you know the direction you are going;
  • Making sure you know the road you will be taking;
  • Making sure you are aware of what lies ahead of you;
  • Making sure your journey is successful, stress free and enjoyable;
  • Making sure you know all the details of the route;
  • Making sure you are empowered and in the driver's seat;
  • Making sure you can cope with any detours and/or accidents; and
  • Making sure you know when your destination has changed and to steer you easily, effortlessly and successfully to your new destination.


$100.00/one hour $50.00/one-half hour