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Power Animal Workshop

Power Animal Workshop

Native Americans believe that we have nine power animals that are with us from the time we are born. As we mature from teenagers to adults many of these animals no longer serve us. Although we are not attuned to them it is believed they have influence upon our lives.

The nine power animals have specific locations: North, South, East, West, Left, Right, Front, Back and Below. You will learn what these directions mean according to the Native Americans and how each animal is associated with that direction. During the workshop you will master techniques on how to change and/or move your power animal to better serve you.

For example, I recently had a student in my class. While in her sophomore year of college, she had a deer to her right side. She was very reserved and cautious and had not had a date since her senior prom in high school. We changed not only her deer but, another of her animals and now she is outgoing and dating. As a result she became more communicative and even had success at obtaining an internship as an organic research assistant.

Another student of mine was attempting to save money but, found herself having to use her savings for significant amounts on health emergencies. We discovered she had squirrel medicine. By changing her squirrel to dog she was able to save money for more pleasurable items such a trip to Japan.

This workshop will not only empower you to empower your life, but give you insight on each power animal's meaning and how much to communicate with them. Class members will engage in fun filled meditation and group discussions.

This workshop is designed for the individual