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Psychic Development Workshop

Psychic Development Workshop

You will learn the techniques to read auras and people on a highly intuitive level. It will also help to assess any dis-ease within a person, emotionally or physically, to predict future events or tell about past events in order to facilitate a healing for the client.

The student will also learn psychometry, which is the ability to interpret the energy associated with an item, such as piece of jewelry or clothing.

An in-depth study of the pendulum will also be taught and the student will have a working knowledge of the use of the pendulum. Automatic writing is also covered.

This is a hands-on class which involves fun and healing as each person will have their aura read and will read the aura for another. The student will leave this session with an intro into the chakras and the ability to read the energy of another person.

$100.00 one day workshop