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Inner Child Regression Workshop

Inner Child Regression Workshop

Subconscious programming creates subconscious emotions, which create subconscious actions, which can create unwanted results in our lives. From the time we are conceived, our subconscious becomes a tape recorder and records every word our parents say and do. As we grow up, this subconscious tape recorder also records every conversation and action we experience. As children, we begin to make decisions about life based upon these subconscious tapes. Most of the time, we are not aware of the decisions we made about life.

This workshop will focus on the negative subconscious programming relating to relationships, finances, personality, self-confidence, motivation, etc. Students will answer confidential questionnaires and through a series of regressions, will know many of the decisions they made about life and be able to change these decisions, thus changing their subconscious programming. Students will also learn techniques that they will be able to apply in their daily life in order to be able to reprogram their own past subconscious tapes and learn how to create new ones.

This workshop is available individually or as a group.

$200.00 two-day workshop