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Subconscious Purification Workshop

Subconscious Purification Workshop

This two-day workshop begins with a discussion of how our subconscious mind creates our reality.

The first hour will be spent discussing exactly what you want to create in your life. We will discuss relationships and how our lives would be different if some our relationships could be healed.

We will then begin a meditative journey where you will meet with your spiritual guide(s) and get to know them. You will release unwanted blocks and receive a gift from spirit. You will travel into the subconscious mind and learn techniques to help you change your thoughts and negative beliefs.

On the second day, you will learn how to enhance these techniques and become proficient in the use of visualization and meditation. We will also discuss how these guided meditations will assist you in the creation of that which you choose to create in your life.

This is a workshop where you will learn specific techniques that you can, if you choose, use for the rest of your lifetime. You can heal your past without reliving the insulting or emotionally painful experience. We can all heal our lives and our bodies by healing the subconscious.

$200.00 two day workshop