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Self-Empowerment System Workshop

Self-Empowerment System Workshop

In this one day workshop a student will learn how to be in control of their own energy set up boundaries and shields. You will also learn basic techniques on how to balance oneself as well as others and to instantly clean up any negativity that result from their job, family, and/or friends.

As a student you will also gain a working knowledge of rapport lines and techniques on how to through energy management set up their work environment, facilitate better teamwork or productivity from co-workers, staff or employees. Students will also learn to set the energies for a seminar or workshop they might be conducting. Room clearing and energy setting are also practiced to achieve the results you want.

In addition, one can help evoke honesty from any person in any given situation.

For example, you are preparing for a job interview and really want this position. Skills learned will assist you the student on how to energetically communicate with the person who will be conducting the interview even though you have not yet met that person. One of my friends, who just had her first born, used my techniques when she went in to discuss the possibility of working out of her home instead of having to go into the office everyday. By utilizing my methods, she was able to work out of her home on Monday, go into the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and have Fridays off without taking any cut in pay.

It is a workshop that I believe every teacher, employer, employee and/or anyone dating should have.